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Why Choose Web Tick?
We Have What You Need We Are Professionals We Value Our Customers
When it comes to Websites,
we've got you covered. We can build
you your dream Web Site, host it
and get it onto the front page of Google.
We know what we are doing when
it comes to web sites. All
our developers design our sites
from scratch and don't use templates.
Our relationship with our
customers are very important to us.
With a 99% uptime guarantee, we never
leave a customer unhappy.
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WebTick Web Hosting
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WebTick Web Design
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WebTick Domain Registration
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We Register Your Domain For You  .com  .net  .org  .biz
We will register your perfect domain for you.

All domains will be owned by you.

All Website packages come with one FREE domain

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Thank you guys so much! After I was ripped off from a previous company you guys really came in and saved the day. You restored my faith in website companies.
Your customer service is superb! There were no hiccups or hidden costs and my website is great. Thank you for the great service! I will never use someone else